Anatomic Healing Abutment Fabrication:

This video shows how you can create an anatomic healing abutment chairside using this block. This process typically takes 2-5minutes, depending on how much customization is needed.

If using a CAD/CAM TiBase as is shown in this video, it can be re-used for the final restoration. Simply cut two notches in the composite and split it with a crown remover. Your titanium base is ready to be used for your crown/abutment try-in.

How to Retrieve your Abutment:

This video is a quick demonstration of how I retrieve my abutment for use in my final restoration. Just be sure not use bonding agent. Two quick and simple notches and then a quick snap with a crown breaker and the abutment is free for use. I apologize in advance for the low speaking voice, I decided to do this last second and didn't prep my team.

Wizard Workflow:

This video demonstrates the basic functionality of the software utility. Most users will just need the basic Wizard options to develop their customized block. The design process will take on average 30seconds to develop your block once the workflow is understood.

How to create a block for ANY implant platform:

This brief video review the simple process to create a custom block for any implant platform you wish. Just a few measurements of an abutment you plan to you and you're off to the races.

Advanced Abutment Functions:

If you're wanting to bring in our own abutment files, that's perfectly fine. We've included a few tools to help optimize these files for use with the software. After just a few simple clicks, you're off and running.